CHEPS faculty and students

Seminar Series

Spring 2024 Schedule

Thursdays, 3:30 - 4:45 PM in the Finch Conference Room (AL 660) or via Zoom at

Co-Sponsored with the Department of Economics

Kyutaro Matsuzawa

January 25 - “Sports Betting Legalization Amplifies Emotional Cues & Intimate Partner Violence”

Kyutaro Matsuzawa
University of Oregon


Siwan Anderson

February 1 - “The Persistence of Female Political Power in Africa”

Siwan Anderson
University of British Columbia


Daniel Dench

February 8 - “The Effects of the Dobbs Decision on Fertility”

Daniel Dench
Georgia Institute of Technology


Emily Leslie

February 15 - “The Long-Term Economic Effects of DWIs”

Emily Leslie
Brigham Young University


Bill Evans

February 22 - “Prescription for Disaster: Changing Physician Treatment Patterns and the Drug Crisis”

Bill Evans
University of Notre Dame

Anca Cristea

February 29 - “Organized Labor When Things Go South: Unions and the Labor Market Consequences of NAFTA”

Anca Cristea
University of Oregon


Danae Hernandez-Cortes

March 7 – “The Effects of Renewable Energy Projects on Employment: Evidence from Brazil”

Danae Hernandez-Cortes
Arizona State University


Max Kapustin

March 14 – "We're Building Something Here: Reducing Gun Violence Without Exacerbating the Harms of Policing in Baltimore's Western District”

Max Kapustin
Cornell University


Alex Albright

March 21 - “The Hidden Effects of Algorithmic Recommendations”

Alex Albright
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis


Frederico Finan

March 28 – “When Democracy Refuses to Die: Evaluating a Training Program for New Politicians”

Frederico Finan
University of California, Berkeley


Diego Ramos-Toro

April 11 – “Nation-Building Through Military Service”

Diego Ramos-Toro
Dartmouth University


Maggie Jones

April 25 - “A Vaccination Scar: The Cutter Incident and Medical Mistrust in America”

Maggie Jones
Emory University


Mireille Jacobson

CANCELED May 2 – “Price Sensitivity and Information Barriers to the Take-up of Naloxone”

Mireille Jacobson
University of Southern California


D. Marc Anderson

May 3 – “A Practical Guide to Publishing for Early Career Economists”*

D. Mark Anderson
Montana State University

*CHEPS Professional Development, Applied Economics Research Workshop - in person only - 9 a.m in AL 660

The Spring 2024 series is supported, in part, by the College of Arts and Letters, SDSU Student Success Fee, and external funding from CHEPS.

Seminar Archives

Fall 2023

Co-Sponsored with the Department of Economics

August 24 - “Little Divergence in America — Market Access and Demographic Transition in the United States”

Melanie Guldi
University of Central Florida

August 31 - “Fertility and the Education of African Parents and Children”

Tom Vogl
University of California, San Diego

September 7 - “Competition in the Black Market: Estimating the Causal Effect of Gangs in Chicago”

Jesse Bruhn
Brown University


September 14 - “Who Benefits from Meritocracy?”

Diana Moreira
University of California, Davis


September 28 - “Convictions, Incarceration, and Earnings in an Event Studies Framework”

Brittany Street
University of Missouri

October 5 - “Trade, Tariffs, and Inequality”

James Lake
University of Tennesse


October 12 - “Reconstruction-Era Education & Black-White Inequality”

Dan Jones
University of Pittsburgh


October 26 - “Does Physicians’ Female Socialization Influence Female Patients’ Health?”

Tianyi Wang
University of Toronto


November 2 - “The Gift of a Lifetime: The Hospital, Modern Medicine, and Mortality”

Alex Hollingsworth
The Ohio State University


November 16 - “Long-Run Effects of Universal Pre-K”

Andrew Barr
Texas A&M University


November 30 - “Culpable Consumption: Shame & Water Conservation”

James Sears
Michigan State University


December 7 - “Taking a Chance on Workers: Evidence on the Effects and Mechanisms of Subsidized Employment from an RCT”

Patrick Turner
University of Notre Dame


Spring 2023

Co-Sponsored with the Department of Economics

January 19 - “Mental Health and Short-Term Environmental Exposures”

Jamie Mullins
University of Massachusetts-Amherst


January 26 - “TRAP’d Teens: Impacts of Abortion Provider Regulations on Fertility & Education”

Mayra Pineda-Torres
Georgia Institute of Technology


February 2 - “Intergenerational Transmission of Firearm Violence”

Erdal Tekin
American University


February 9 - “The Long-Term Effects of Income for At-Risk Infants: Evidence from Supplemental Security Income”

Sarah Miller
University of Michigan


February 16 - “Stopped by the Police: The End of “Stop-and-Frisk” on Neighborhood Crime and High School Dropout Rates”

Jonathan Tebes
University of Notre Dame

March 2 - “Trade Policy Uncertainty, Offshoring, and the Environment: Evidence from US Manufacturing Establishments”

Jaerim Choi
University of Hawaii


March 9 - “Pollution and Health”

Joseph Shapiro
University of California, Berkeley


March 16 - “Restricting Flavored Tobacco Product Sales in the US: Cross-Product Effects”

Abigail Friedman
Yale University


March 23 - “COVID-19 Restrictions Reduced Abortion Clinic Visits, Even in Blue States”

David Slusky
University of Kansas


April 6 - “Safeguarding Consumers Through Minimum Quality Standards: Milk Inspections and Urban Mortality, 1880-1910”

Mark Anderson
Montana State University


April 7 -  Applied Economics Research Workshop on SDSU Campus

For graduate students and junior faculty pursuing academic careers in economics, public policy, and public health

Daniel Rees
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Mark Anderson
Montana State University

April 20 - “Education and Social Mobility”

Na'ama Shenhav
Dartmouth University


April 27 - “Unpacking P-hacking and Publication Bias”

Lester Lusher
University of Hawaii


May 4 - “Comparing the Effects of Policies for the Labor Market Integration of Refugees”

Giovanni Peri
University of California, Davis



Fall 2022

Co-Sponsored with the Department of Economics

August 25 - “The Willingness to Pay for a Cooler Day: Evidence from 50 years of Major League Baseball Games”

Melissa LoPalo
Montana State University


September 1 - “Release, Detain, or Surveil? The Effect of Electronic Monitoring on Defendant Outcomes”

Roman Rivera
Columbia University


September 8 - “Organized Crime and Economic Growth: Evidence from Municipalities Infiltrated by the Mafia”

Alessandra Fenizia
George Washington University


September 22 - “Taking It to the Limit: Effects of Increased Student Loan Availability on Attainment, Earnings, and Financial Well-Being”

Jeffrey Denning
Brigham Young University


September 29 - “The Effect of Research Universities on Student Partisanship and Turnout”

Daniel Firoozi
University of California, Irvine


October 6 - “Import Processing and Trade Costs”

Georg Schaur
University of Tennessee


October 13 - “The Effect of Hospital Postpartum Care Regulations on Breastfeeding and Maternal Time Allocation”

Emily Lawler
University of Georgia


October 20 - “Firm Responses to State Hiring Subsidies: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from a Tax Credit Formula”

Matthew Freedman
University of California, Irvine


October 27 - “Vanguard: Black Veterans and Civil Rights after World War I”

Desmond Ang
Harvard University


November 3 - “Charitable Giving Responses to Education Budgets”

Jonathan Meer
Texas A&M University


November 10 - “Can Tax Incentives Bring Brains Back? Returnees Tax Schemes and High-Skilled Migration in Italy”

Giuseppe Ippedico
University of California, Davis


December 1 - “If You Build it, Will They Vaccinate? The Impact of COVID-19 Vaccine Sites on Vaccination Rates and Outcomes”

Jonathan Cantor
RAND Corporation


December 8 - “Unconditional Cash and Family Investments in Infants: Evidence from a Large-Scale Cash Transfer Experiment in the U.S.”

Lisa Gennetian
Duke University



The Fall 2022 series is supported in part by the SDSU Student Success Fee.

Spring 2022

February 10 - “Fairness versus deterrence: Evidence from speeding enforcement”

Steve Mello
Dartmouth University
Due to data use agreements, video available upon request.

February 17 - “Hazed and Confused: The Effect of Air Pollution on Dementia”

Kelly Bishop
Arizona State University


February 24 - “Cooling off or burdened? The effects of mandatory waiting periods on abortions and births”

Caitlin Myers
Middlebury College
Due to data use agreements, video available upon request.

March 3 - “Army Service in the All-Volunteer Era”

Richard Patterson
Brigham Young University
Due to data use agreements, video available upon request.


March 10 - “The Demand-Side of the H-1B Visa Process: Examining firm behavior”

Kevin Shih
CUNY Queens College
Due to data use agreements, this session was not recorded.


April 7 - “Historical Roots of Educational Disadvantage and Progress for Mexican Americans”

Stephen Trejo
University of Texas, Austin

April 14 - “Diversity and Legitimacy: Evidence from Clinical Trials”

Marcella Alsan
Harvard University

April 21 - “The Effect of Vaccine Mandates on Disease Spread and Economic Outcomes: Evidence from College COVID-19 Mandates”

Scott Imberman
Michigan State University



The Spring 2022 series is supported in part by the SDSU Student Success Fee.

Fall 2021

Co-Sponsored with the SDSU School of Public Health

August 19: "Do State Tobacco 21 Laws Work?"

Joseph J. Sabia
CHEPS, San Diego State University

August 26: "The Labor Supply Consequences of the Opioid Crisis"

David Powell
RAND Corporation

October 7: "Importing the Opioid Crisis? Trade, Smuggling, and Fentanyl Overdoses"

William Olney
University of Hawaii


October 14: "Misdemeanor Prosecution"

Amanda Agan
Rutgers University


November 4: "How Do People Value Covid-19 Risks? Evidence From Contingent Valuation Experiments"

Kosali Simon
Indiana University


December 2: "The Effect of Participation Incentives on Student Evaluations of Teaching"

Bree Lang
University of California, Riverside


Spring 2021

Co-Sponsored with the SDSU School of Public Health

January 28: “The Blessing of Leisure or the Curse of Unemployment? Effects of Unemployment Insurance Duration on Health”

Analisa Packham
Vanderbilt University

February 4: “Can Pollution Cause Poverty? The Effects of Pollution on Educational, Health and Economic Outcomes”

Claudia Persico
American University

February 11: “Full Practice Authority for Certified Nurse-Midwives: Healthcare Utilization and Patient Safety”

Lauren Hoehn-Velasco
Georgia State University

February 18: “(Cash) Welfare Under (American) Federalism”

Andrew Goodman-Bacon
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

February 25: “Abandoned Retirement Savings”

Anita Mukherjee
University of Wisconsin - Madison

March 4: “Multi-generational Impacts of Childhood Access to the Safety Net: Early Life Exposure to Medicaid & the Next Generation's Health”

Chloe East
University of Colorado - Denver

March 11: “Hazardous Waste and Home Values”

Dennis Guignet
Appalachian State University

March 18: “The Effect of Firearm Seizure on Criminal Activity”

Viviane Sanfelice
Temple University

March 25: “Police Force Size and Civilian Race”

Aaron Chalfin
University of Pennsylvania

April 1: “Inside Trump's CEA: Evaluating LBJ's War on Poverty”

Richard Burkhauser
University of Texas - Austin

April 8: “Does Peer Motivation Impact Educational Investments? Evidence From DACA”

Briana Ballis
University of California - Merced

April 22: “What Do Families Want from Schools? Evidence from Real Choices and a Survey of Choosers”

Damon Clark
University of California - Irvine

April 29: “The Price of Protection: Landlord-Tenant Regulations and the Decline in Rental Affordability, 1960-2017”

Jacob Vigdor
University of Washington

May 6: “Can the Saliency of Race Mitigate Gaps in Disciplinary Outcomes? Evidence from School Fights”

Glen Waddell
University of Oregon

Fall 2020

Co-Sponsored with the SDSU School of Public Health

August 27: “Marriage Markets and Family Formation: The Role of the Vietnam Draft”

Marianne Bitler
University of California-Davis

September 3: “Weathering an Unexpected Financial Shock: Cash Grants, Household Finance & Business Survival”

Justin Gallagher
Montana State University

September 10: “How Valuable are Civil Liberties? Evidence from Gang Injunctions and Housing prices in Southern California”

Emily Owens
University of California-Irvine

September 17: “The Dynamic Impact of Internet Access on Student Learning”

Leah Lakdawala
Wake Forest University

September 24: “The Rise of Healthcare Jobs”

Joshua Gottlieb
University of Chicago

October 1: “Hospital Desegregation and Infant Mortality in the South”

Mark Anderson
Montana State University

October 15: “Is Parental Leave Costly for Firms and Coworkers?”

Heather Royer
University of California-Santa Barbara

October 22: “Driving, Dropouts, and Drive-throughs: Mobility Restrictions and Teen Outcomes”

Valerie Bostwick
Kansas State University

October 29: “Does Race Matter for Police Use of Force? Evidence from 911 Calls”

Mark Hoekstra
Texas A&M University

November 5: “Mortality Trends Across Education Quartiles”

Christopher Ruhm
University of Virginia

November 19: “Male Wage Inequality and Characteristics of “Early Mover” Marriages”

Terra McKinnish
University of Colorado Boulder

December 3: “Covid-19 and Vaping”

Michael Lovenheim
Cornell University

December 10: “Including Males: Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health for Female Adolescents”

Manisha Shah
University of California-Los Angeles


Spring 2020

January 30, 2020: "E-Cigarette Taxes, Smoking Among Pregnant Women, and Birth Outcomes"

Michael Pesko
Georgia State University

Fall 2019

October 10, 2019: "Prenatal Substance Use Laws & Foster Care Admission"

Christine Durrance
University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

December 5, 2019: "Effects of the Colorectal Cancer Control Program"

Christopher Carpenter
Vanderbilt University

Spring 2019

January 24, 2019: "Algorithmic Risk Assessment Tools in the Hands of Humans"

Jennifer Doleac
Texas A&M University

May 2, 2019: "Driving Curfews and Teen Labor Market Outcomes"

Melinda Pitts
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Fall 2018

Spring 2018

January 25, 2018: "You Can Never Be Too Rich But You Can Be Too Thin: Wage Outcomes in a Developing Country"

Inas Kelly
Queens College of the City University of New York (CUNY), CUNY Graduate Center & NBER

March 15, 2018: "The Impact of War Deployments on Economic Transitions of Veterans: New Evidence from Administrative Data"

Joseph J. Sabia
San Diego State University, University of New Hampshire & IZA

May 3, 2018: "The Minimum Wage, Fringe Benefits, and Worker Welfare"

Jeffrey Clemens
University of California, San Diego

Fall 2017

September 21, 2017: "How did the Affordable Care Act Impact Army Reenlistment?"

Michael Kofoed
United States Military Academy-West Point